Here you will find lo-fi versions of songs so you can get a sample of some of our music. We also be offering some hi-fi net only exclusives for a limited time. Listenable tracks are in blue font. Click to play. If you like the tracks, please buy the track or its album on iTunes, all in CD quality!

Phase 3 - L.Y.R.I.C.A.L. Without FearArtist: MooN ShynE
Album: Phase 3 - L.Y.R.I.C.A.L. Without Fear
Release Date: 2010
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  1. Intro III / Do Something
  2. Mostly Boast
  3. Every Move
  4. Spear [MsP GNP OMG] Remix feat. Black and Blue Ink., Boy Gnyus and Vincent
  5. Call to Arms
  6. My Thoughts Exactly III [interlude]
  7. Roll Your Windows
  8. Handle Our Biz feat. Less / The Bomb Squad [prologue] feat. Takewun
  9. The Bomb Squad feat. The MsP Family
  10. Found Me feat. DiMpLeZ
  11. Thank You III [interlude]
  12. 4 My Ghostwriter feat. CoCoa
  13. Round and Round
  14. You Need To... [Pass the Mic 2008] feat. FoRcE oNe and DiMpLeZ
  15. Devastator
  16. Outro III
Black and Blue Ink. EPArtist: Black and Blue Ink.
Album: Black and Blue Ink.
Release Date: 2008
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  1. The Fundamentals
  2. Consistent with the Hook
  3. A Good Supply Of...
  4. Henny Pop
  5. Spear [Bless It] feat. Vincent
  6. Scene 1: The Siege
  7. I P.U.S.H.
  8. Boilermakers [The Closer]
Phase 2 - Lyrics to an IdentityArtist: MooN ShynE
Album: Phase 2 - Lyrics to an Identity
Release Date: 2005
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  1. Intro II
  2. Deuce Zero Uno
  3. Eyes on the Prize
  4. Scorpion Vs. Snake feat. K-Maculate
  5. Flipanometry
  6. My Thoughts Exactly [interlude] II
  7. No Quit
  8. What's Good feat. Destiny Soprano
  9. Go Crazy feat. Boy Gnyus, Less and Harmony Speaks
  10. The Greatest
  11. Thank You [interlude] II
  12. One for the World
  13. From the Very Beginning [Back When] feat. MaMa sTyLeZ
  14. Magsikilos [Pass the Mic 2004]
  15. Same
  16. Outro II
Phase 1 - NeolyricalArtist: MooN ShynE
Album: Phase 1 - Neolyrical
Release Date: 2004
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  1. Intro I
  2. Super-Saiyan
  3. Break Point
  4. Dynamite feat. Flight
  5. Play, Stop, Rewind
  6. My Thoughts Exactly [interlude] I
  7. Stakes are High [M-Double-O-N]
  8. A Night to Remember [Awwww Shiet] feat. K-Maculate
  9. We Roll feat. Flight and Harmony Speaks
  10. Miss Universe
  11. Thank You [interlude] I
  12. My Savior feat. GxCrEaZnZ [Harmony Speaks, MaMa sTyLeZ and CoCoa]
  13. What if Your Heart Could Speak
  14. Pass the Mic [MistaH MooN @ NYU]
  15. I OWN YOU
  16. Outro I

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