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Production Tutorial: Using Multiple Instruments With a Single VSTi Instance on FL Studio + Eliminating Errors When Using Hypersonic 2

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Here’s a video for some added visuals:

This particular entry has two main points:

  1. Show how to use multiple instruments on one instance of a VSTi (in this case, Hypersonic 2 is used as an example)
  2. Present workarounds that will prevent the user from getting errors that can halt productivity when using Hypersonic 2.

These two go hand-in-hand because #1 directly gives the workaround mentioned in #2.

Hypersonic 2 is a versatile VSTi that was discontinued by Steinberg some time ago, and one of the most sought after from our Production Vault.  For those who use Hypersonic who may have problems with it (those who obtained it from the vault have had issues) and use FL Studio, I have some workarounds on how to get rid of those pesky errors, including this one when opening your project:

Figure 2011-02-20/0: “There was an error loading the settings for the plugin ‘Hypersonic 2′”

Hypersonic 2 FL Studio Error Loading Settings

When this happens, Hypersonic 2 defaults to the “Welcome to the Matrix” preset, and if you don’t remember what preset you used, you’re dead in the water.  This can also get very frustrating when you try to save a project with Hypersonic 2 and FL Studio will freeze then crash, killing your progress, or automatically crashing when adding Hypersonic 2 to your project.

We will go over two different scenarios.  Starting a new project, and modifying one that exists (and you possibly getting the error pictured above).  Now I know these can be a pain, but unfortunately, it is a discontinued product, and we can only do workarounds.  Once you get into the habit of these workarounds (some are good practice anyway), it’ll become second nature.

Starting a New Project with Hypersonic 2 on FL Studio

Whether or not you use Hypersonic 2, make it a habit to open one up first before any other VSTi on a fresh session of FL Studio; meaning as soon as you double-click FL Studio, add Hypersonic 2 right away.  I’ve noticed it conflict with other VSTi’s and crash upon adding, so adding it first gets rid of that quirk.

Secondly, (and this is important):


That may sound strange to you, especially if you haven’t been using FL Studio for that long.  The correct way however to assign notes on Hypersonic 2 is through MIDI Out Channels.

This way, you can use different multiple instruments and only ONE HYPERSONIC 2 INSTANCE.  This method works for the other big multi-instrument VSTi’s as well, including SampleTank and Kontakt instruments, albeit with slightly different methods due to the differences in interface.

To make this clearer, let’s take a look at the Hypersonic 2 interface.

Figure 2011-02-20/1: Hypersonic 2 Interface

Hypersonic 2 on FL Studio

The highlighted area is where you would pick your instruments.  I know some people simply pick one instrument for this instance of a VSTi, then open another instance to use another instrument preset.  It’s a waste of DSP power, and considering how many high quality VSTi’s are resource hogs, you need all the processing power/memory you can get.

The correct way would be to use MIDI Outs.  By linking a MIDI Out to each of the 16 available slots above (counting “Welcome to the Matrix” in the first slot), you can control up to 16 instruments off of one instance of Hypersonic 2.  As I’ve said earlier, this also goes for SampleTank, Kontakt VSTi’s, and others, so bear that in mind when using other VSTi’s as well.

How do you do that, you may ask.

Figure 2011-02-20/2: VSTi Settings Button

FL Studio VSTi Settings Button

First, we have to assign a MIDI Input Port on Hypersonic 2.  This can be done through the settings window by clicking on the gear icon on the upper left of the Hypersonic 2 window (other VSTi’s get this box as well).  Check the picture above for refernece.

Figure 2011-02-20/3: VSTi Settings Window

FL Studio VSTi MIDI Input Port

After clicking on the VSTi Settings Button, you get the window above.  Here, you will set the MIDI Input number to a number of your choice.  It’s defaulted with “–” and by changing this to a particular number you give the MIDI Out channels a port to reference when sending the input from the Step Sequencer or Piano Roll or from your MIDI Controller.  In this case, it’s set to 0.

Figure 2011-02-20/4: MIDI Out

MIDI Out on FL Studio

Next, add a MIDI Out Channel, which is done similarly to how you add a sampler, or audio clip channel.

Figure 2011-02-20/5: MIDI Out Settings

FL Studio MIDI Out Settings

Notice above how on the MIDI Out Settings there is a Channel setting (number), and a Port setting (number).  The Port should match the number you chose for your VSTi.  For example, if you selected MIDI Input Port 0 on your VSTi settings, your Port setting on the MIDI Out should be 0 as well.  The Channel setting corresponds to the number instrument you chose on Hypersonic 2.

Figure 2011-02-20/6: Multiple Instruments, Multiple MIDI Outs

Using the instructions above, we can use multiple MIDI Outs to control multiple instruments off of one instance of a VSTi.  In the example above, Hypersonic 2 was assigned a MIDI Input port of 0, and the “Soft Grand Piano” is on channel 1, and the “Brassy Orchestra XXL” is on channel 2.  The two MIDI Out channels, labeled “MIDI 1 – Piano” and “MIDI 2 – Orch” are set to play those instruments by setting their Port settings to 0, and their channels 1 and 2 respectively to correspond how they are assigned in Hypersonic 2.  You can test this out by clicking on either of the MIDI channels and play using your keyboard or MIDI controller, and you will notice that the MIDI Out channels are playing the instruments from Hypersonic (or whatever VSTi) as assigned and you no longer have to assign note values to the step sequencer or piano roll of Hypersonic.  All note and other settings can be done through the MIDI Outs.

PLEASE NOTE: Although you can assign notes and other MIDI values to MIDI Outs, you cannot assign MIDI Outs to go to effects.  Only the VSTi itself can be assigned to an effects channel in this case.

Modifying an Existing Project that uses Hypersonic 2 and Gives Errors

If you get errors, such as the one shown in Figure 0, the workaround is as follows.  Once you do this for your project, you won’t get these errors again provided you do not assign note values to Hypersonic 2 itself.

  1. Upon opening FL Studio, add a Hypersonic 2 VSTi channel.  Make sure it loads properly.  This will prevent FL Studio from crashing when Hypersonic 2 opens in your project.
  2. Open your project.
  3. Assign the MIDI Input Port in the existing Hypersonic 2 instance (refer to figures 2011-02-20/2 and 2011-02-20/3 above) to a number of your choosing.  If you have multiple instances of Hypersonic 2 open, write down what instrument presets you used, and mark all Hypersonic 2 instances (except for one, which will be the main one we will use for the project).  Assign the instruments you had written down to the one instance of Hypersonic 2 (see figure 2011-02-20/6 above).  Assign the MIDI Input Port to the one Hypersonic 2 instance remaining.
  4. Add as many MIDI Out channels as you have Hypersonic 2 instruments.  If you have three instruments on your once instance of Hypersonic 2, then have three MIDI Out channels.
  5. Assign the Port setting in those MIDI Out channels to the MIDI Input Port number you used for Hypersonic 2.
  6. Assign the Channel settings in those MIDI Out channels to correspond to the instrument you wish for it to control.  For example, if instrument #2 on Hypersonic 2 (assigned MIDI Input Port 0, for example) is “Lead Guitar Licks,” and you want one of your MIDI Outs to control it, the MIDI Out Settings should show Port 0, Channel 2.
  7. Copy/paste your step sequencer and piano roll settings to the corresponding MIDI Out Channel so that the note values, velocity values, etc. will no longer be on a Hypersonic 2 instance.  They will be on the MIDI Out Channel instead. See below for an example.

    Figure 2011-02-20/7: Multiple Instruments, Multiple MIDI OutsMultiple Instruments on Hypersonic 2 on FL Studio

  8. Once you’ve got everything moved properly, write down the instruments you used on Hypersonic 2, along with what number were they on Hypersonic.  In the example above, “Lead Guitar Licks” is 1, “Classic B” is 2, etc.
  9. Once you’ve noted everything down and you are certain everything is moved over properly (notes and all), delete the last Hypersonic 2 instance, so that there are no Hypersonic instances whatsoever in your project.  All your notes and velocities etc. are all moved over to MIDI Outs so they will be preserved.
  10. Save your project.  Your project should save with no errors.
  11. Exit out of FL Studio.
  12. Re-open FL Studio.
  13. Add a Hypersonic 2 VSTi instance.
  14. Open your project.
  15. Add a Hypersonic 2 VSTi instance.
  16. Reassign the instruments on Hypersonic 2 the same way you have written down.  All the MIDI Outs still have their port and channel settings, so your notes, velocities, etc. will still correspond to the same instruments as long as you have them assigned the same way.  You will not need to re-enter any notes or other information anywhere.
  17. Save your project.  You should get no errors.
  18. From here on in, all changes to notes, velocities, etc. will be made to the Piano Roll’s or Step Sequencers of the MIDI Outs and not on Hypersonic 2 itself.  You may also add instruments to Hypersonic 2 now, provided that you use a MIDI Out for each new instrument you use.  Remember: NO NOTES ON HYPERSONIC 2 ITSELF, ONLY ON THE MIDI OUTS.  I can’t stress that enough.
  19. That’s it.  If you ever open up your project from here on in and get an error about loading the settings, just do steps 11-14 above, and only those steps ONLY.  Your settings will load normally, and you won’t have to reassign anything.

So that should do it.  I’ll be making a video to outline everything later, so look out for that if anything is unclear about these instructions.  As always, hit me up at if you have any questions for me.

More to come soon!


    MsP Production Vault: Trilogy Bass VSTi

    Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

    This week we have a bass VSTi. =D

    Widely regarded as one of the best solutions for bass, Spectrasonics discontinued this product upon releasing the much more feature-packed Trillian. Since you can’t get this one in the stores anymore (you’re lucky if you can find one in the area that still has it in stock, and Spectrasonics themselves isn’t selling it), it’s now up on the Production Vault.

    So if you need bass with a lot of different options, this is the VSTi you’ve been looking for.

    NOTE: Inside the RAR file you’ll find a .nrg file which is a DVD image. You can either burn the .nrg image into a DVD or use MagicISO or something similar to open the files within.

    Head on out to our Production Vault and get the VSTi today!

    Also, remember to sign up for our Mailing List to get weekly updates on our music, the blog, and our production vault!

    More coming your way!


    MsP Production Vault: DSK Overture Orchestra VSTi

    Thursday, January 27th, 2011

    This week we have a VST effect and two drum sample kits. =D

    DSK Music puts out some decent free VSTi’s, and this particular one is no different. The DSK Overture VSTi gives you 53 different orchestral instruments (spanning the four different instrumental families, strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion) with the ability to combine 4 of these for whatever desired orchestral sound you are looking for; definitely not bad at all for a free VSTi. The VSTi also has various sound envelope options, as well as delay, reverb and chorus options. This is probably one of the best free VSTi’s I’ve ever had the opportunity to use and I’m sure my fellow producers (especially those starting out) will have no problem adding this one to your tools.

    Head on out to our Production Vault and get the VSTi today!

    Also, remember to sign up for our Mailing List to get weekly updates on our music, the blog, and our production vault!

    More coming your way!


    MsP Production Vault: DSK AkoustiK KeyZ Piano VSTi + 5 Borough Havoc Kit

    Thursday, January 13th, 2011

    This week we have a VST effect and two drum sample kits. =D

    For those needing a piano in a pinch, here’s a nice little piano VST, courtesy of DSK. There’s 3 different presets, Grand Piano, Concert Piano F, and Concert Piano P, as well as customizable tone/filter controls which include an envelope, reverb, flanger, and a filter that can be switched from low-pass to high pass.

    For all you drum collectors, I have a kit that was in a folder called “hip-hop/rap,” and just to give it a better name I called it the 5 Borough Havoc Kit. There’s a couple of drum sounds in there that remind me of tracks from Mobb Deep’s most famous album, The Infamous, so that’s how I came up with the name.

    There’s over 600+ drums in there, so go crazy.

    Head on out to our Production Vault and get the VSTi today!

    Also, remember to sign up for our Mailing List to get weekly updates on our music, the blog, and our production vault!

    More coming your way!


    MsP Production Vault: Mad FX Kit and voc one VSTi

    Friday, December 24th, 2010

    This week we have some VSTI’s and a nice sample kit. =D

    The Mad FX Kit has got a bunch of dirty drum sounds as well as some strings, organs, vocal samples and different types of sound effects.

    Also included in this bundle is the voc-one VSTi which is a simple choir VSTi. It’s no Symphonic Choirs VSTi (a beastly VSTi, I might add), but it can get the job done in a pinch. There are controls in it to also change the vowel sounds of the voices to give you some extra leverage, as well as reverb, breath, and different tonal controls.

    Head on out to our Production Vault and get the VSTi today!

    Also, remember to sign up for our Mailing List to get weekly updates on our music, the blog, and our production vault!

    More coming your way!


    MsP Production Vault: Banging Beats Kit and TWEAKBENCH VSTi Bundle

    Thursday, December 16th, 2010

    This week we have some VSTI’s and a big sample kit. =D

    We have a bit of a hybrid bundle this week. Going back to our drum roots, we’ve got a decently sized kit of over 1,100 samples. The Banging Beats kit has over 200 kicks, 350 snares, and over 150 hats, plus some guitar, horn, string and piano samples. It should keep you busy for a while.

    Also with this kit are VSTi’s from TWEAKBENCH. TWEAKBENCH offers the VSTi’s that are contained in this bundle for free on their site,, and they also do VST effects.

    For those who need a quick 8-bit video game sound, the Triforce VSTi or Peach VSTi would be great. There’s also a mellotron style synth called Tapeworm, a bass synth called Ritual and more. One VSTi that I thought was particularly nifty was the Field VSTi, which comes with 10 different sound ambiances that you could plug directly into your track that you can mix and match, all at good quality.

    Head on out to our Production Vault and get the VSTi today!

    Also, remember to sign up for our Mailing List to get weekly updates on our music, the blog, and our production vault!

    More coming your way!





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