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Let the beat roll…

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Just a few notes from me re: my perception of dynamics.

You may or may not relate to this in the genre sense but you should be able to understand the “feeling” of it.

Without going into specifics and without thinking about it too much, think of any song that at one time or another made you feel euphoric. Take that to mean what you want – elated, energized, relaxed and happy, high… whatever. It also shouldn’t matter what song it was, what genre, how old it was, or how old were. Have you picked a song yet? Don’t try to zero in on any specific song that makes you feel good, try to focus on a time you felt good because of a song. Hope you have a song in mind because now the thinking begins.

For the next part try to separate any emotional attachment your song may have stirred up in you. This isn’t about how a song makes you feel, but rather that a song makes you feel good because of the essence of the song and not because XYZ happened while that song was playing. Understand? What was it about the song that made you feel the way you did? Was it the drum beat? Or perhaps it was some guitar riff? To some people it may be (more…)




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