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Recording Drums for a Sample Kit

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

In a few hours, I’ll be releasing my first ever original drum sample kit.  After months of releasing kits I’ve found, searched for, or given to me, this’ll be the first bundle that I’ve recorded with my own equipment (or lack thereof).

What equipment, you ask?

  • Ludwig Standard Drum Kit: A kick drum, a snare drum, hi-hats, two mounted toms, a floor tom, and a ride/crash cymbal
  • Evans E-Rings
  • Blue Jelly Mufflers
  • Shure Beta 52A
  • Shure SM57
  • Audio-Technica 2020
  • Jazz Drum Sticks
  • Drum Brushes
  • Studio Projects VTB1 Preamp
  • Samson C Com 16 Compressor

Here are notes on how I recorded the drums.  I took a few pictures before my Blackberry’s battery died out.

The kick drum had the resonant head removed, and was recorded a few times with one pillow and a few times with two pillows inside.  I used a Shure Beta52A to record from three different positions: halfway inside the kick drum, outside the kick drum on the resonant head side, and on the batter head.

Figure 2010-06-16/1: Shure Beta 52A on the outside, with two pillows

Shure Beta 52A Outside Kick Drum

Figure 2010-06-16/2: Shure Beta 52A on the inside, with two pillows

Shure Beta 52A Inside Kick Drum

Figure 2010-06-16/3: Shure Beta 52A on the batter head

Shure Beta 52A On the Batter Head

The snare drum was recorded with a Shure SM57.  The snare strainer was set at different levels for different sounds.  An Evans E-Ring and blue jelly were used to muffle the drum in different ways for more variation.  Jazz drum sticks and brushes were used.

Figure 2010-06-16/4: Shure SM57 on a Snare Drum, with an Evans E-Ring

Shure SM57 on a Snare Drum with an Evans E-Ring

All three toms were recorded with an SM57, with the blue jelly and E-Rings for different variations in sound.  They were also hit with jazz drum sticks and brushes.

Figure 2010-06-16/5: Floor Tom with an Evans E-Ring, with my drum brushes laid down

Floor Tom with my drum brushes

The hi-hats were recorded with an Audio Technica 2020.  They were recorded open, closed, and pedaled.

The crash/ride cymabls were also recorded with an Audio Technica 2020.  Blue jelly was used to muffle the cymbals and calm the ring.

Figure 2010-06-16/6: Audio Technica 2020 on a Crash/Ride, with a blue jelly muffler

Audio Technica 2020 on a Crash-Ride Cymbal

More to come. =]





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