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Black and Blue Ink’s New Album, “The Lyricist Manifesto,” Coming to iTunes December 24, 2010! ADM’s “Chamber Waves” Also Coming Soon, and More Roll Call ’10!

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

“The Lyricist Manifesto” is now completed and is on its way to iTunes and!  Stay tuned for more updates!

ADM’s album, “Chamber Waves,” will be coming soon as well, hopefully by the end of the year, as only one more track needs to be completed.

Roll Call ’10 has two songs on the way coming, both Brian Bullion’s and DiMpLeZ’s contributions.  Brian Bullion’s will be a beat he made, which sounds like classic Roc-a-Fella with an STFU twist.  It’ll feature both MooN ShynE and FoRcE oNe.  DiMpLeZ’s will be a club track of the house variety that’s been hitting the clubs in Jersey quite heavily.  “Fistpumping” is the word that comes to mind.  There are previews of both tracks on MsP’s YouTube page.

More coming soon!  Stay tuned!


Casa de Luna [mnshyn vs adm remix], New Version with ADM Assisting on the Mash-Up!

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Here’s the mash-up version with ADM that I spoke about when the original was released. This version will be the one that’s going to be on Roll Call ’10. It’s a nice mix of styles, from the very break-y house style to the more traditional trance style courtesy of ADM.

More coming soon!


Fourth Track from Roll Call ’10: Casa de Luna [2 Seater]

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Fourth track off of Roll Call ‘10!  My contribution, “Casa de Luna [2 Seater].” This will appear on Roll Call ’10, and on ADM’s upcoming album “Chamber Waves.”  A mashup version with a rendition by ADM is also in the works and will also be featured on both albums.  This is a definite departure from what you’re used to hearing from me, as it is akin to the new house music that’s out today, combined with some elements of trance and other genres.  It’s also the first track that I’ve completed that uses Illformed’s Glitch plugin, which people have claimed that Timbaland has used it in past tracks for reverse, gate, tape stop and other juicy mid-bar effects.

More coming soon!


Half House, Half… Not Too Sure

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

I was just playing around, trying to come up with some different sounds.  I ended up with this little catchy thing at 130bpm.  The second half of the 16 bar loop sounds like House to me, and the first half sounds like… pop maybe?  Not too sure.

Anyway, I’m still trying to find a fresh sound for Phase 4, while keeping to my roots.  I’ve still got the Jazz/Swing stuff on tap, as well as some other ideas I want to try.  Nothing solidified yet.

I’m guessing part of this is influenced by my visit to Ultra (club in Teaneck, NJ) this past Friday for a birthday party, the fistpumping nature of the Jersey Shore (which I’ve only watched once, and since people make fun of the fistpumping I thought I’d try the music out), and going through some of mine and ADM’s old music in the Chamber[303] days.

It’s nice to not be limited by anything.  Hopefully I’ll get some traction, and maybe record a track or two that would be the foundation for my next opus.  I don’t want to release anything though until Phase 3 has gotten around for a bit.  Remember, it’s coming out March 1, 2010 on iTunes!

Drop comments with your thoughts.  ADM might have something to say about this because if that one half isn’t house, I’m sure he’ll let me know. =]

Project inhalOr and Wind Beneath My Wings with Destiny Soprano are both on deck, as well as a few songs from Cocoa.

More to come!





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