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MsP Production Vault: DSK Overture Orchestra VSTi

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

This week we have a VST effect and two drum sample kits. =D

DSK Music puts out some decent free VSTi’s, and this particular one is no different. The DSK Overture VSTi gives you 53 different orchestral instruments (spanning the four different instrumental families, strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion) with the ability to combine 4 of these for whatever desired orchestral sound you are looking for; definitely not bad at all for a free VSTi. The VSTi also has various sound envelope options, as well as delay, reverb and chorus options. This is probably one of the best free VSTi’s I’ve ever had the opportunity to use and I’m sure my fellow producers (especially those starting out) will have no problem adding this one to your tools.

Head on out to our Production Vault and get the VSTi today!

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