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MsP Production Vault: MsP ORIGINAL Acoustic Drum Kit, Timbaland Inspired Kit, and Hip-Hop Kit 14

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

“you’re a god in certain circles… circles of beatmakers like myself that cant turn down new drum kits” – Fonikz from

Another satisfied producer. =]  As you know, it’s Wednesday, and that means some more samples are coming your way!

Today we have a special bundle, as one of the bundles are my own original recordings.  The MsP Original Acoustic Drum Kit included in this bundle are fresh recordings by yours truly of our Ludwig drum kit here at Lunar Base Studio.  For more details on the recording and how it was done, check the previous post or click here.  You’ll find kicks, snares, toms, hats, cymbals, and snaps/claps in this kit, all original and fresh out the studio.

In addition, I’m giving you guys two other kits in the vault from our past searches: a Timbaland (who needs no introduction) inspired kit, and Hip-Hop Kit #14!

Head on out to our Production Vault and get your free drums today!

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More coming your way!





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