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Lyricist Manifesto = k-maculate’s thoughts

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Sup ya’ll,

I’m using this upcoming album, “Lyricist Manifesto”, to demonstrate my lyrical prowess. I feel the 1st Black and Blue Ink. self-titled album was our best yet, showing our skills in word play, punch-lines and imagery. Through rational thought, I’m trying to challenge myself to make the Lyricist Manifesto a piece of lyrical art that would supply mainstream hip-hop listeners a more enjoyable experience than what they are subjected to on the radio and in clubs.

I try to listen to what’s playing out there…like kanye, 50, the cash money crew, Dipset,Jay-Z ….what have you…… but nothing catches my attention like a powerful verse supplied by those rippers that I do listen to……. Canibus, jedi mind tricks, rakim, and some lesser known cats. I can put together a good verse that can show I can rhyme in my sleep. But what Moon Shyne and I are trying to do in this next album will be a real treat to the hip-hop fan. I often have lyrical bars coming to me throughout the course of the day. What I do is harness that power till I hit the booth and lyrical magic then occurs. What I ask is from ya’ll is to take your ear-muffs off and pay attention to the power of the Lyricist Manifesto!

God Bless, K-maculate


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