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Black and Blue Ink.’s Recent Album Release, “The Lyricist Manifesto,” now on iTunes!

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

After a slight delay, “The Lyricist Manifesto” has finally made it to iTunes! This one is the follow up to “The Black and Blue Ink. EP,” and promises to give more lyrically than the last album. It’s been on for a week, and now for those who favor iTunes and their iPods, you can now get the album or individual tracks from the album on iTunes today!

Here’s two tracks from the album:


Two Eyes for an Eye:

If you’d like to buy the album from iTunes, click here!

More coming soon, including ADM’s Chamber Waves and more Roll Call ’10!


Black and Blue Ink’s New Album, “The Lyricist Manifesto,” Coming to iTunes December 24, 2010! ADM’s “Chamber Waves” Also Coming Soon, and More Roll Call ’10!

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

“The Lyricist Manifesto” is now completed and is on its way to iTunes and!  Stay tuned for more updates!

ADM’s album, “Chamber Waves,” will be coming soon as well, hopefully by the end of the year, as only one more track needs to be completed.

Roll Call ’10 has two songs on the way coming, both Brian Bullion’s and DiMpLeZ’s contributions.  Brian Bullion’s will be a beat he made, which sounds like classic Roc-a-Fella with an STFU twist.  It’ll feature both MooN ShynE and FoRcE oNe.  DiMpLeZ’s will be a club track of the house variety that’s been hitting the clubs in Jersey quite heavily.  “Fistpumping” is the word that comes to mind.  There are previews of both tracks on MsP’s YouTube page.

More coming soon!  Stay tuned!


Hypersonic 2 on 64-Bit Windows, and Get MsP Tracks on Amazon!

Friday, December 10th, 2010

UPDATE: There were other issues too that needed to be addressed for Hypersonic 2, including crashing and not being able to load settings when you open a saved project. I’ve addressed those in a different entry that you can read here.

I like Hypersonic 2 (a great multi-instrument VSTi that has been discontinued) as a multi-instrument VSTi, and it has helped me out on different projects. So when Brian Bullion (fellow in-house producer and MsP member) bought a new computer I told him to try it out. Only problem was that we could never be successful in installing it due to the dongle software that was included in the installer. On 64-bit Windows 7 (and more than likely on Vista), it would fail with an error on CLEDX.EXE.

Good thing though is that someone was able to find a way around it, and now we have a version that will install just fine on 64-bit Windows 7 without any issues. It’s in the form of an ISO, RAR’d for a little bit of compression. Just burn the ISO or open it in your favorite CD/DVD Virtual Drive application and run the setup.

You can download this version here.

And also, for those who don’t know, MsP music is not only on iTunes, but now we’re on Amazon as well! So if you’re one of those guys who can’t buy stuff on iTunes, or don’t have an iPod, you can now buy our MP3’s from

MooN ShynE’s music on can be found by clicking here, and Black and Blue Ink.’s music on can be found by clicking here.

More to come soon, including the release of an ADM album AND a Black and Blue Ink. album before the year’s end, which will both be available on Amazon and iTunes! Stay tuned!


Release Notes

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Just a few notes from me re: Chamber Waves.

“Chamber Waves” should have been out July 1st. Not sure how many of you were waiting but I have to apologize for the delay. As of right now, the album has been pushed back until the early part of Fall. I don’t want to make excuses so I won’t. It’s my fault the album missed the release date but I will do everything in my power to make sure it comes out early Fall.

There are going to be some changes on the album, about which I will post at a future date.
Thank you.

That’s it for now………

Fourth Track from Roll Call ’10: Casa de Luna [2 Seater]

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Fourth track off of Roll Call ‘10!  My contribution, “Casa de Luna [2 Seater].” This will appear on Roll Call ’10, and on ADM’s upcoming album “Chamber Waves.”  A mashup version with a rendition by ADM is also in the works and will also be featured on both albums.  This is a definite departure from what you’re used to hearing from me, as it is akin to the new house music that’s out today, combined with some elements of trance and other genres.  It’s also the first track that I’ve completed that uses Illformed’s Glitch plugin, which people have claimed that Timbaland has used it in past tracks for reverse, gate, tape stop and other juicy mid-bar effects.

More coming soon!


“Screamer” promo video.

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Just a few notes from me re: Chamber Waves.

I created a really simple video in Motion 4 as a promo for the song “Screamer” on the upcoming “Chamber Waves” album due out July 1st, 2010 by ADM.

Click play on the video and it will automatically start in 720p HD. Or click the ‘YouTube’ logo in the video to see the video on their site. Once there, switch to 720p (in the lower-right of the video) and see a larger version with clean audio.


That’s it for now………




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