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Let the beat roll…

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Just a few notes from me re: my perception of dynamics.

You may or may not relate to this in the genre sense but you should be able to understand the “feeling” of it.

Without going into specifics and without thinking about it too much, think of any song that at one time or another made you feel euphoric. Take that to mean what you want – elated, energized, relaxed and happy, high… whatever. It also shouldn’t matter what song it was, what genre, how old it was, or how old were. Have you picked a song yet? Don’t try to zero in on any specific song that makes you feel good, try to focus on a time you felt good because of a song. Hope you have a song in mind because now the thinking begins.

For the next part try to separate any emotional attachment your song may have stirred up in you. This isn’t about how a song makes you feel, but rather that a song makes you feel good because of the essence of the song and not because XYZ happened while that song was playing. Understand? What was it about the song that made you feel the way you did? Was it the drum beat? Or perhaps it was some guitar riff? To some people it may be (more…)

Release Notes

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Just a few notes from me re: Chamber Waves.

“Chamber Waves” should have been out July 1st. Not sure how many of you were waiting but I have to apologize for the delay. As of right now, the album has been pushed back until the early part of Fall. I don’t want to make excuses so I won’t. It’s my fault the album missed the release date but I will do everything in my power to make sure it comes out early Fall.

There are going to be some changes on the album, about which I will post at a future date.
Thank you.

That’s it for now………

“Screamer” promo video.

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Just a few notes from me re: Chamber Waves.

I created a really simple video in Motion 4 as a promo for the song “Screamer” on the upcoming “Chamber Waves” album due out July 1st, 2010 by ADM.

Click play on the video and it will automatically start in 720p HD. Or click the ‘YouTube’ logo in the video to see the video on their site. Once there, switch to 720p (in the lower-right of the video) and see a larger version with clean audio.


That’s it for now………

“West Side” Story…

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Just a few notes from me re: Roll Call ’10.

Pipe organs – check.

Plucked chord drops – check.

Epic strings – check.

Dirty drums – check.

Long Beach to Compton – check.

1995 – check.

Ice Cube – check.

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I have scored and am producing a hip-hop track (yes, hip-hop) on the MsP collaboration album Roll Call ’10.  It has the flavor of an old-school, mid-’90’s, West Coast track.  It’s not really a “Gangsta” track, though the theme for the song will be gang related, but only to a degree.

We don’t really want to give away too much on the content of the song but what we can tell you is that it will not be POV – the lyrics will be from 2 bystanders/observers.  The track WILL play on your state of mind and you WILL feel like you just watched some psychological drama.  Beyond that, you’ll have to wait and see.

Last night (4.4.10/Easter Sunday)  MooN ShynE and I discussed how this track should progress and we came up with some interesting ideas as far as the “theme” of the song.

This track will feature:
MooN ShynE – vocals / mixing / mastering / arrangement
K-Maculate – vocals
ADM – producer / composer / storyline (partial)

I would appreciate MooN ShynE’s input on this as well…

That’s it for now………

Track listing complete. Order is finalized. 75% done.

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Just a few notes from me re: Chamber Waves.

If you’ve been to the ADM facebook page and clicked on “discography” you would have seen a 10-track listing for the Chamber Waves album. Though I initially wanted to keep it to 10 tracks I’m adding an 11th. The 8th track will be “Switch-up” which is what we’re working on now and I didn’t want to remove any of the other songs because I like the way they fit into the flow of the album. I thought about perhaps moving something to the 2nd album but that’s a while off and that album will be going in a slightly different direction.

*Speaking of the 2nd album, I CAN tell you it will have a 149 BPM hardstyle track and an 80 BPM ambient track with NO percussion or audible bassline.*

At the end of this post you can see the finalized album listing.

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 are finished.
Tracks 5, 8, 11 are works in progress
Tracks 7 and 10 are in need of a major overhaul, including instrumentation (10) and massive EQ’ing (7)

As far as track 8 is concerned, I’m not sure what MooN ShynE will do on his Roll Call ’10 album, but I sort of want it to feature BBI on my album. Only because I already have a track featuring MooN ShynE and track 11, MMSKM, I will try to get background vocals from K-Maculate so that will feature him (hopefully). Maybe I’m being OCD about this but I just don’t want to repeat myself and, at least visually, I want to give the album variety.

1. Parallel
2. And Want Two
3. Reflections of You
4. Screamer
5. Project InhalOr feat. MooN ShynE
7. Fast Fantasy
8. Switch-Up feat. Black and Blue Ink – (tentative…)
9. Create the Electric Process
10. Lonely on the Outside

That’s it for now………

Are you a fist pumper? Do you like David Guetta?

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Just a few notes from me re: BBI/ADM track.

I submitted a new drum beat loop to MooN ShinE w/ all new percussion b/c after listening to what we were using, at my house on bass-intensive speakers and headphones, it sounded like were playing on kettle drums. So the kick drum will be replaced w/ a Hard-House kick, the popping snare will be claps w/ a clap break, the hats will be a combo of tambs., 707s, and 78s.

The gate is “Deceptor” from Nexus. We scrapped Vanguard b/c it didn’t have enough of a punch.

I’m liking the title MooN ShinE came up w/: “Switch-up.” It’s a work in progress but I’m leaning towards it very much.

I have a feeling we’re going to be in disagreement over a/the bassline…

Strings will be changed, I agree.

There is a saw-ish part throughout the song that I believe needs to be stretched JUST A TAD – I MEAN A FREAKIN’ TAD… It also needs to be layered, made richer, given more beef!! Not melody, just more presence.

Vocals will be Sing, Rap, Sing-Rap(??), repeat. I’ll try to convince them to put in some sort of a bridge type part to make this similar to a club/pop/dance track and less hip-hop – like “Memories.” Although I do believe that “K-talk” just might take care of that..!

MooN ShinE didn’t mention this but this will also be on the “Chamber Waves” album by ADM.

I think we should also discuss how it will appear on albums. Obviously on MooN ShynE’s album or ADM’s album it will be
MooN ShynE – Switch-up feat. ADM, K-Maculate
ADM – Switch-up feat. MooN ShynE, K-Maculate
But I can also make it:
ADM – Switch-up feat. BBI
And he can also make it:
BBI – Switch-up feat. ADM

Which brings me to my next point. Since on an album the artist will be the album artist regardless, featuring the others, but AS A SOLO track how should it look:
MooN ShynE, ADM, K-Maculate – Switch-up
BBI & ADM – Switch-up

New topic: Going back 2 weeks, we continued work on Project InhalOr.
So picture this, if the song is from your house to the moon, we never made it out the front door… But it will be finished, we just needed motivation – after all it’s a genre neither of us ever worked with and we didn’t know how to attack it.

That’s it for now………




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