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MsP Production Vault: Banging Beats Kit and TWEAKBENCH VSTi Bundle

written by :: December 16th, 2010

This week we have some VSTI’s and a big sample kit. =D

We have a bit of a hybrid bundle this week. Going back to our drum roots, we’ve got a decently sized kit of over 1,100 samples. The Banging Beats kit has over 200 kicks, 350 snares, and over 150 hats, plus some guitar, horn, string and piano samples. It should keep you busy for a while.

Also with this kit are VSTi’s from TWEAKBENCH. TWEAKBENCH offers the VSTi’s that are contained in this bundle for free on their site,, and they also do VST effects.

For those who need a quick 8-bit video game sound, the Triforce VSTi or Peach VSTi would be great. There’s also a mellotron style synth called Tapeworm, a bass synth called Ritual and more. One VSTi that I thought was particularly nifty was the Field VSTi, which comes with 10 different sound ambiances that you could plug directly into your track that you can mix and match, all at good quality.

Head on out to our Production Vault and get the VSTi today!

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More coming your way!


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