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Another Heater from Black and Blue Ink, “Two Eyes for an Eye!”

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

A new track from BBI’s upcoming album has been released, “Wordsmiths!” You can check for it and other news on the BBI on the Black and Blue Ink. Blog.

You can also click here to go to the song directly.

More to come soon!


MsP Beats Section Update: Grab the Cannon

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Continuing on with our bi-weekly beat series, this week, we have a beat called “Grab the Cannon.”

This one is for my riders, so if you take this one, you gotta go hard.

For more information, including purchase/lease information, click here, or click here for more beats.

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More to come soon!


MsP Production Vault: AnalogX Scratch App

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

This week we have a useful app for you boom-bap producers. =D

If you can’t afford turntables, or can’t get your record on vinyl to scratch, and you need to scratch vocals, this is the app for you. Courtesy of the good folks at AnalogX,this app allows you to load in 2 mono .wav files (one for looping, one for scratching). You can then record one or the other or both. You scratch by clicking and dragging your mouse on the wave shown playing on the interface. Once you’ve recorded your scratches (they come out in .wav format), you can do with them as you wish at that point.

This has been one of the most helpful apps for me, because I’m a big Premo fan, so whenever I needed scratches this was my goto app; free and works perfectly.

Boom-bap producers who can’t afford turntables, your welcome. =]

For an example, you can check out the most recent Black and Blue Ink. song we did, Wordsmiths. The scratch of my boy Flight’s vocals were done in this app.

Head on out to our Production Vault and get the app today!

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More coming your way!


You Can Now Get MsP Songs on!

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Not good with iTunes or don’t have an iPod?  We’ve now got you covered!  If you’ve always wanted to buy our songs but couldn’t because they were on iTunes, you can now start buying our songs on  Right now, Phase 3 is the only album that’s up, but all the other MsP albums (Phases 1 and 2, the Black and Blue Ink. EP) will be up for sale on amazon by the end of the week!

Click here to get Phase 3 – L.Y.R.I.C.A.L. Without Fear at!

More to come soon!


Production Tutorial: How to Add a Simple DLL based VSTi to FLStudio

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

With the growing popularity of the Production Vault and a few people asking me about adding VSTi’s and VST Effects to FLStudio ( FL Studio was also formerly known as Fruity Loops), I figured, why not put a tutorial up?

BY THE WAY: All figures can be enlarged by clicking on them so you can see them in full view.

So for the first go around, we’re going to show you how to add a simple DLL based VSTi.  To clarify, a DLL based VSTi is as self-explanatory as it sounds like.  It’s a VSTi in the form of a .dll file.  For example, reFX’s Vanguard is one file, Vanguard.dll.

Now for some Windows users, you may not see the .dll at the end, because your settings may not show them.  There are ways to set it so you can see it, but that’s beyond the scope of this tutorial.  In any case, if the icon of the file is similar to what you see in the figure below, then it’s more than likely a .dll.

Figure 2010-11-18/0: A .dll file

A VST DLL file.

First thing you’ll need to do after extracting the file from .RAR file ( if you need it. =]) is check where FL is looking for it’s VST’s.  I believe the default is C:\Program Files\VstPlugins, but just to be sure, we can check FL’s file settings to find out the correct folder.

So let’s start the show!

  1. Start FLStudio.
  2. Click on the “Options menu,” then click “File Settings.”Figure 2010-11-18/1: Getting to your File Settings

    Getting to your File Options in FLStudio.

  3. Check the path listed for VST plugins extra search folder.  In the case of the figure below, it’s C:\Program Files\VstPlugins.Figure 2010-11-18/2: The folder path to your VST’s.

    The path to your VST Plugins in FLStudio.

  4. Copy the .dll into that folder using Windows explorer.
  5. Close the Settings window in FLStudio where you saw the folder path.
  6. Click on the “Channels” menu, hover over “Add one.”  You will notice that the plugin you just moved in to the folder is not listed yet.  At that point, click on “More…”Figure 2010-11-18/3: Adding a newly installed VSTi into FLStudio.

    Adding a newly installed VSTi into FLStudio.

  7. In this “Select Generator Plugin”  box, scroll down to the “VST plugins” section, and with the list being in alphabetical order, you can check to see if your plugin is listed.  It most likely isn’t.Figure 2010-11-18/4: Checking what VST Plugins you have on your system.

    Checking what VST Plugins you have on your system.

  8. Click on the “Refresh” button, then click on the “Fast Scan (recommended)” option.Figure 2010-11-18/5: Scanning for new VST’s.

    Scanning for new VST's.

  9. It should show you that it found 1 or more plugins. Find the plugin you want to enable.  Since it is a new one, it is in a red font to make it easier for you to see.  Click on the box next to it to enable it.Figure 2010-11-18/6: Enabling the new VST(s).

    Enabling the new VST(s).

  10. Close out of the Select Generator Plugin box.
  11. The VSTi will now be ready for use as a regular channel.  Click on the “Channels” menu, then find the VSTi you just installed.  In this case, it’s the TPS_module.Figure 2010-11-18/7: Adding the new VST(s) into the sequencer.

    Adding the new VST(s) into the sequencer.

  12. And with that, your VSTi is ready to be played!Figure 2010-11-18/8: The new VST ready for use.

    The new VST ready for use.

That wasn’t difficult, was it?  So now that you know, you can head into the Production Vault and get yourself some VSTi’s!

More to come, as always!


MsP Production Vault: dBlue Glitch VST Effect

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

This week we have a VST effect. =D

dBlue Glitch is an interesting VST effect. It starts with it’s 9 different individual customizable presets, “Tape Stop,” “Modulator,” “Retrigger,” “Shuffler,” “Reverser,” “Crusher,” “Gater,” “Delay,” and “Stretcher.” Now any of these effects alone would be good for a variety of uses. The strength of this plugin is how you can use each of these at different sections of a bar, and come up with some interesting combinations.

Now for those of you who may be confused by what I’m talking about, if you listen to Game’s “Put You on the Game” from his debut album, “The Documentary,” (produced by Timbaland) and go to the end, you’ll hear the beat go through different effects, like reversing, retriggering, tape stops, and the like. Coincidence? I think not. =]

I’ve most recently used this in a house/electronic song I did called “Casa de Luna,” where the lead synth that plays during the beat change/chorus part is put through these effects.

Head on out to our Production Vault and get the VSTi today!

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More coming your way!





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