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MsP Production Vault: Urban Fire 4 Kit

written by :: October 6th, 2010

Come get your drums! =D

This kit has some interesting sounds in it, and is definitely geared more towards the modern-day synthy producer as opposed to the classic boom-bap of old. There are some lo-fi drums in here, but I still feel they lack the realism for a good Premo or Pete Rock style beat. There are premade vinyl and tape sounds in one of the folders though that could help aid in that old school flavor if you want to go that route.

These drums will work best for south stuff that usually take the synthy 808 style drums sounds, as well as club bangers. Of course, these are just my recommendations, but you may find a different and possibly better use for them. With over 800+ samples to choose from, you should find a home for these.

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