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MsP Production Vault: Thug Poet Kit and SIHD 1

written by :: October 13th, 2010

Come get your drums! =D

We have two kits (and a small bonus) with this week’s bundle, and it consists of the SIHD 1 kit and the Thug Poet kit.

Thug Poet is a producer who has worked with Torch from Triple C’s (Carol City Cartel of Rick Ross fame), Devin the Dude, Beeda Weeda, Chuwee from The Usual Suspects, Lefty Thefty, and others. He provided us with a kit that, although small in number, will get the job done in many boom-bap style cases. The drums come with a slightly noticeable hiss on them to give you that feel of old school vinyl, and the kicks have a hard punch to them. One thing you may notice is a lack of hats, but you can fill those in with either hats from the other kit in the bundle, or (what I think would be a great fit) would be the Deadly or Filthy Drum kit hats, also available in the vault.

The other kit is the SIHD 1 kit, which is a great kit with very clear sounding drums, which I guess is indicative by the HD in the name of the kit. This gives you some flexibility to go from newer styles where crystal clear recording studio quality is desired, or you can filter it up yourself and dirty it up for that old school flavor. There are some awesome punchy kicks in this kit that I personally use, and I’m sure you can find a use for them as well.

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