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MsP Production Vault: Neptunes Style Drum Kit

written by :: August 11th, 2010

So what’s in the vault today?

For fans of Neptunes production (Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo), we have this drum kit in the vault. This kit has very hard and bassy kicks, with unique snare sounds and percussion. Some of these have been processed through different effects to match what you would tend to hear from a Neptunes beat.  Although lighter than the last few kits, this one still has more than 400 drum samples for you to mess around with.

Thanks to Bully Beats for giving me half of the drums in this kit! For those who haven’t heard of Bully Beats, he has had production credits with Panjabi MC (of Beware of the Boys [Mundian To Bach Ke] with Jay-Z fame) and D-Block affiliates.

Head on out to our Production Vault and get your free drums today!

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More coming your way!


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