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My Attempt to go Gaga… Lady, that is

written by :: March 16th, 2010

Harmony Speaks has been a big fan of Lady Gaga’s work, and she requested trying to make a song of that style, a la “Bad Romance” for example.  Since I’m all about trying new things in music, I attempted to make something in that vein with the aim of getting Speaks to do some work on it.

Some notes on the type of music, from what I’ve heard and studied:

  1. The music feels like what should be played in a fashion show in Paris
  2. Speed should be around 120bpm give or take a few beats per minute
  3. Pads preferred as opposed to real sounding strings
  4. Kick drum should be hard, same formula as the Guetta kick (see this previous post for the formula), but using a different kick drum to start that is less hard than the K034, on every beat
  5. 303 type of bass going at every eighth after each kick drum to give more pump
  6. Dance clubby saws with slides, if possible, are desired
  7. Hard snares with the right touch of reverb, standard pattern at the 2nd and 4th beats
  8. Percs are okay to use; nothing over the top; and they break the beat in different spots to allow for variety
  9. Did not notice hats being used; at least not heavily
  10. Song format would be pop like, possible use of a middle 8, and something repetitive and catchy for also about 8 bars to get in people’s heads.

This, like the others, if used by Speaks, will go on the Roll Call ’10 album.  Below you can find a lo-fi version with tags [for security reasons. ;o) ]  for your streaming pleasure.

More to come soon!


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