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Music Scene Spotlight – “The Baseballs”

written by :: March 29th, 2010

Being that this blog is for all of us MsP’ers to put what’s on our mind, I wanted to bring to your attention this really cool band that I’ve been listening to today who is not MsP related.  If you’ve read my past entries, you know that I’m into all different types of music and mixing stuff up.  This entry’s featured band, is a cover band called “The Baseballs.”

These guys are out of Berlin, and they started their band in 2007.  The interesting thing about these guys is that they cover current songs with an interesting twist.  They cover them in the styles of the 50’s, including doo wop, blues and REALLY REALLY old school R&B.

Here’s a couple of songs I found on YouTube.  Enjoy!

And for anyone interested their official site: =]


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3 Responses to “Music Scene Spotlight – “The Baseballs””

  1. adam p says:

    Wow, I actually like this. I like songs, whether new or old, that can give you that “oldies” feel if done correctly. Makes me think of Squirrel Nut Zippers and their 30s, 40s, swing/jazz feel of the 90s and early 00s.

  2. mnshyn says:

    What’s crazy is that usually when people cover songs, they cover older songs to make them sound more modern. In this case, it’s the reverse. They take newer songs, and make them sound old. The rendition of This Love from Maroon5 sounds awesome to me with the doo wop stylings.

  3. I love live music. Going to gigs and concerts is the best way to experience music. Live and Loud thats what I say..

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