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Black and Blue Ink.’s Lyricist Manifesto, “Left Hook,” and The Pro Tools M-Powered 7.4 Windows 7 Fix

written by :: February 21st, 2010

Before I begin, I’ll put the fix up:

ProTools M-Powered 7.4, Internet Explorer 8 and Windows 7 Fix

As I’m sure many people will be wanting that first. I don’t want people to think I actually don’t have the fix and I’m just leading them to my blog as a deception. For more info, read further down below about the fix because I did make some notes on it.

As a short note, this is the fix for the 0xc0000005 error you get when starting Pro Tools M-Powered 7.4 on Windows 7 32-bit, with or without Internet Explorer 8.  My guess is that you can probably apply this fix on older versions of Windows and it will allow you to keep IE8.


So Black and Blue Ink. has officially started work on “The Lyricist Manifesto,” the new album slated for this coming Fall 2010. Since you can count on BBI coming through with nothing but hard lyrics and hard beats, that’s what you will pretty much get out of this. No hooks, no fancy intros, no nonsense. Just straight up in your face lyrics with creativity and imagery, pushing the limits of rap lyrics. As soon as the beats hit, we’re off taking turns spittin a 16, 24, or even 32. If you’re a fan of metaphors, imagery, punchlines, and literary devices, and other rap/poetry/prose techniques, this is the album for you, combined with hardcore beats.

This is a bit of a departure for me, because I am more of a song/track oriented rapper than a lyrical rapper (though I used to be back in the days), and that’s because as of late I’ve been really pushing for my musicianism to materialize in my music in terms of the way beats are made, usage of music theory, different techniques in song form, etc.  However, the fact that it is a departure, also presents itself and a challenge, and a challenge I definitely want to take up.

The challenge now, involves a couple of things.

First off, for example, we just finished recording a song called “Left Hook.”  It’s called as such because we “left hook” out.  No hook.  Also, for some odd reason (though commonplace if you’ve ever had the experience of watching K-Maculate record), K-Maculate alludes to not being lefty but bringing it to you.  I don’t know why, he just did (it brought many a laugh between me, ADM, Harmony Speaks and Boy Gnyus who were all present at the time).  The song itself is 1:45.  Yes, not even two minutes.  We both spit 16 bars, and that was it.  As K wanted it, he wanted no hooks, no intros, no nonsense, spit and continue on.

It just seems a bit short to me.  However, we agreed that we could maybe spit 24s on future beats, just to try to at least make the 2 minute mark.  So that was resolved.

The next challenge, is making the entire album not sound repetitive, and giving each song a character.  Normally, every song has some kind of character to the beat, to your lyrics, some character by topic, and by the chorus you put in or other characteristics.  With this project, you’re confined to the beat and lyrics only.

The good thing about this is that it hones in my writing, and maybe it will make me more creative lyrically.

As a producer, I have to make the marriage between the vocals and the beat in a way that even if we are spittin our usual bravado for every song, I can make it so that each song still carries a character.

I’ll know I’ve succeeded if by the end of this project, the vocals and beat are so intertwined that mixing the acapellas and instrumentals would be blasphemous (tempo not withstanding).

This may not seem like a challenge, but when you’re dealing with these type of lyrics, those vocals can easily be moved to a different instrumental and it would be perfectly fine.  I feel that in order for this album to be stronger, the beats and vocals must be 100% complementary, and that may only be possible if the beat is tailored perfectly to the vocals.  I don’t want loose vocals that could go on any beat.  This means a lot more post-production work rather than pre.  Once K and I record our verses, I will go through the track, take notes on the vocals, then go back and add to the beat so that the beat fits the vocals as completely as possible.  I guess you can say it’s like a movie score.

Now that I’ve written all that, I feel I have a better grasp on what I need to do with these tracks as we move forward.  Let’s see what happens.  Watch our main home page here, as well as the BBI Facebook as I will be posting up “Left Hook” in the next few days.

Also, as indicated by the title, I’ve stumbled upon (no pun intended, I didn’t use stumbleupon) a fix for Pro Tools M-Powered 7.4 to work on Windows 7.  It drove me bananas for months since I got Windows 7 that my Pro Tools does not work, but now with this fix, it works perfectly on 7.  The original fix though had a lot of URL’s in it, most of which I remember as spyware related sites, so I deleted all of those (they were in the site zone entries and history entries written into the .reg file), and left the more appropriate registry entries.  Please feel free to delete any other suspicious registry entries and let me know so I can update this patch as well.

ProTools M-Powered 7.4, Internet Explorer 8 and Windows 7 Fix

Mind you, I don’t deal in warez, so that is just the fix, not the program itself.  Click the link if you’re having that problem with M-Powered 7.4 with either IE8 and/or Windows 7.  On prior versions of Windows, uninstalling IE8 would do the trick, but disabling it on Windows 7 (uninstalling IE8 is not permitted on Win7, just disabling) would not work.  This will get you around that.

As I said above, I’ve deleted the questionable entries (that I’ve noticed).  You may want to give the .reg file a once-over first before merging it with yours in case you have a better eye.

I’ll have more soon!  More projects, and this weekend I am excited for a FoRcE oNe beat selection/recording session, as he is taking the initiative to make a song and be a big part of the creative process.  I’m a fan of artist evolution, so this will be a very fulfilling project for me.  He has only one solo song under his belt completed, so we’ll see what the young gunna has to say.   Be on the lookout for that one.

Also, Cocoa has some demos she is looking to have me hear and work on, and Destiny and I have a few projects on deck as well.  You can’t forget projeCt inhalOr with ADM, and I’m sure you’ll be hearing a bunch from Brian Bullion soon as far as production is concerned.  The entire fam has got at least one project waiting in the wings, so as I’ve always said, 2010 is our year.  Watch!


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92 Responses to “Black and Blue Ink.’s Lyricist Manifesto, “Left Hook,” and The Pro Tools M-Powered 7.4 Windows 7 Fix”

  1. eurybaric says:

    hey man!!! thanks! thanks! thanks! thanks!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D

    i’ve been trying to run pt on win7 for ages now, only worked on the beta long ago and now im on retail i was stuck to going on messed up xp(dual boot) to run PT! man i can’t thank you enough! just a quiestion though, do u think this would work on 64bit win7? and actually could you explain what this changes?

    thanks again!

  2. mnshyn says:

    thanks for the comment! to be honest, I really don’t know how it fixes it. I found the original version of this fix in the m-audio forum for PT. However, it had a whole bunch of spyware url’s and things in it for the internet site zones (trusted sites, intranet sites, etc). I took those out. The fix definitely has to do with certain entries for IE8, I’m pretty sure of that, I just don’t know which registry keys in particular. Also, if memory serves from the research I had done to try to fix it, this was mainly a 32bit issue, and 64 bit users did not have the same problem when running PT on 64-bit 7.

  3. JB says:

    Dude. You. Are. The. Man. Running PT 7.4 on Win 7 64 now with no errors, perfect playback, and even Aero works!! I get UAC prompt when I start, but other than that it’s golden.

  4. mnshyn says:

    Well the UAC part you can probably get rid of with a group policy edit, but aside from that, I’m happy I was able to help!

  5. hedep says:

    i dont know how to thank you man, really

  6. Hugo Hugg says:

    I have to mention that I like Windows 7. That Windows runs very smooth. Even the 64 bit version runs smooth. When Windows Vista came out a lot of software wasn’t adapted yet for 64bit. Even though 64bit was allready there when XP was the king. Now most prgrams has a 64bit version. Games also run better on Windows 7. It’s almost like playing on XP. Nice work from MS after problem Vista. And best of all, you don’t need a high end computer.

  7. JB says:

    Looks like I was a little premature.. the reg fix worked and PT 7.4 does open and operate fine in Win7 64, at least for awhile. After working in a session for about 45 minutes I start to get DAE errors at which point I have to close or I’ll end up getting a BSOD. Anybody have any insight on playback engine settings or anything else 64-bit related?

  8. Richie Solo says:

    M. Shyne,
    Greetings, My hopes are that this finds you in the best of health and spirits! Thanks a million times over, for this fix! your the shit! I’m a studio musician here in Dallas, tx. If you need any tracks (Guitar,bass,drums,keyboards) I’ll do em for free (within reason)
    I specialize in heavy music, but am equally adept at jazz,funk and R+B.
    I’ve got a media player at the reverbnation page if you’d like to check out some music! Again……………..Thanx Bro!

    Much Love And Respect,

    Richie Solo

  9. Shrus says:

    YES! It works! Thank you, man!

  10. Folk666 says:

    It worked also for me, but now it can’t recognize my M-Audio hardware.. (the latest drivers have been installed)…any suggestion please?

  11. mnshyn says:

    Thanks for the reply! Which M-Audio interface are you using?

  12. Cheetoz says:

    Im having trouble with iLok.. can some 1 help me?

  13. Richie Solo says:

    How goes it, my brother from another mother? I was stopping by to check out what you were up to, Hell,your so busy you’d think you were twins! I’m workin on some gaming music and my 2nd C.D. and i’m working on an all instrumental version of brian mcknight’s ‘anytime” ( i’m doing the vocal parts on a guitar), It’s going to be fairly cool, for a cover! Anyway, I don’t wanna take up too much of your time, so i’ll get to the point. For about two years now I’ve been writing with and for Charles treadwell (aka “The funky W”) He’s a rapper,writer, producer and the original singer for The Hellified Funk Crew! I was wondering if you’d be game to work out a tune,
    with myself doing most of the music and you and “W” working out the lyrics and structure? Do some recon on “W” , if you feel so inclined. The Funky W at myspace or reverbnation, or Hellified funk crew at my space. Homeboy’s
    real good at what he does, as am I, so are you! It’s an idea! gimme a holler when you get a minute or if your interested! Hey, you might know somebody that would be interested! Again, it’s an idea! It’s great to see others as dedicated and Busy as myself ( I don’t get out very often) and my hopes are that you and yours continue your dedication to this artform,
    cuz god knows the actual talented folks are the minority! Can I get an “AMEN” I better stop before i start pullin some benny hinn shit.

    Much Love And Respect,

    Richie Solo…………Till the toe tag!!!

  14. Bill says:

    I see guys are saying it works, could somebody please explain how they got it to work it would be much appreciated

  15. mnshyn says:

    Hi Bill, thanks for visiting! First extract the file from the .rar file that is linked. You can do so with WinRAR, which can be found at After extracting, run the .reg file that was extracted. The .reg file inside the .rar file makes necessary changes to allow Pro Tools M-Powered 7.4 to run concurrently with IE8 and Windows 7.

  16. Bill says:

    thanks so much mnshyn, I appreciate your help , I have Pro tools M-powerd 6.8 will this fix work with that version also and do I just extract it to my desktop. thanks in advance for your help

  17. mnshyn says:

    Extracting it to the desktop is fine. I haven’t dealt with m-powered 6.8 on windows 7 and/or with ie8, so I can’t tell you for sure. What operating system and internet browser are you using?

  18. mnshyn says:

    Sup Richie, I’ll look into this and see what’s up. I’ll try to listen to his music tonight and I’ll get back to you!

  19. bunky_boy says:

    Thanks very much. and BTW it also works for the 64 bit version of Windows 7.
    However I’d like to know if it works for ProTools 8 M-Powered with Windows 7, 64 bit. Because I ain’t upgrading until that issue is solved.

  20. Mohammed says:

    At first, on W7 64-bit, Protools won’t run without producing the error. I then tried this fix and viola, Protools 7.4LE started to go through it’s stuff. Because I have an upgrade, it asked for the code for the software. I had to stop there and closed PT. After, for some reason, I had problems trying to get it going again. I think it was because I had to reboot the machine. I’m not sure. But for while, it looked as if it was going to run. I have noticed that you can uncheck a box regarding IE8 – I think it can be uninstalled. I might give it another shot.

  21. […] can use Pro Tools 7.4 if you use the registry fix that I have on my blog. Link: Black and Blue Ink.’s Lyricist Manifesto, “Left Hook,” and The Pro Tools M-Powered… I have a preference for Adobe Audition 3 for my DAW and I also use FL Studio. I use Pro Tools for […]

  22. Stratman says:

    It worked! I am running Windows 7 64bit and was receiving the “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005)” error. After applying the .reg fix it fired right up! THANK YOU! : )

  23. mnshyn says:

    No problem! Just happy that it worked. If you have Facebook, make sure you hit the like button at the top of the entry!

  24. Stratman says:

    Consider it done, mnshyn! : )

  25. mnshyn says:

    thanks! i appreciate it!

  26. Sam says:

    On my system at least, the crucial registry entry seems to be narrowed down to a single value, such that the corrective .reg file can consist of merely the following:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]


    Why it would be that Pro-tools won’t run under Win 7 without Cookies being enabled for I Ex I really can’t imagine. But I can switch the app crash behavior on and off just by toggling that one reg entry value.

    Meanwhile however, I ‘m still stuck with the “Unable to locate M-Audio Hardware” message even with the updated drivers for my Mobile Pre USB box. If anybody has any suggestions for THAT I’d be appreciative!

  27. Sam says:

    (got the box working after following instructions for fixing the “ASIO drivers” problem). On my XP netbook I had to use an older version driver, oddly.

  28. mnshyn says:

    thanks for the info sam! i’ll have to try out using the fix with just that registry key. I do agree though, I don’t see why the cookies setting would make a difference. I have the MobilePre and haven’t had any problems. Are you using the drivers from Windows Update or directly from

  29. Kay says:

    Hello mate,
    listen … i have tried ur .reg fix, it works, yes, but now i’m able to start my Traktor 3, i get 0xC00000005 erros in many many lines :(
    please can u tell which lines in the registry are changed to fix them, or a way to recover from an old register file, or send me a proper .reg file, cause i want my Traktor 3 back !!!

  30. Kay says:

    For example i get this message ::
    Logged at Thursday, July 08, 2010 22:06:37

    Exception Code: 0xC0000005
    Exception Addr: 0x001B:0x69006863
    Exception Module:
    Exception Description: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION, Attempt to read from address 0x69006863

    The memory could not be “read”

    Call Stack Trace:
    7) CallComponentFunctionWithStorage()
    6) CallComponentFunctionWithStorage()
    3) RtlQueryEnvironmentVariable()
    2) RtlTryEnterCriticalSection()
    1) RtlTryEnterCriticalSection()

    I need to help me !
    Write me @ ::

  31. mnshyn says:

    this is the first time i’m hearing about this problem. I’m going to do some research and get back to you. Sorry for the late reply. are you running traktor as administrator?

  32. Kay says:

    Yeah yeah, i’m running T3 with admin rights :/
    Trying revert back the registry but this doesn’t work, at least i’ll reinstall my Windows, did u think this will be a solution ?
    Now i’m on Windows 7 Ultimate x86, installed at Acer Aspire 5738ZG if this will be some kind usefull for you : ))

  33. mnshyn says:

    Reinstalling Windows would definitely work, but let’s hope it doesn’t get to that. You may need to reinstall your applications, which would be time-consuming. It’s possible that you may be able to do a repair, which would reset your settings.

    Is IE8 currently working for you at this time?

  34. Kay says:

    Yes IE8 works fine, last night i reinstall my Windows, but still get the same problem ;(
    Trying also Traktor 3.4.1 and again with 3.2.2 that i’m usualy using, nothings work, Ableton 8.0.1 gives some runtime error and wont starting too … maybe something is goin wrong with the RAM cache, after using ur .reg, is there a way to flash it or something ?

  35. mnshyn says:

    Reinstalling Windows should’ve reset your registry to the factory Windows 7 settings. Did Traktor work on the reinstall you did without the .reg file?

  36. Kay says:

    No bro, doesn’t work :/
    I format my system drive and T3 & Ableton Live 8.0.1 wont start because of runtime error … running Reason 4, Sonar & Sound Forge 8 without problems.
    About the time-consuming software i use ::
    Java 6 (Update 20)
    Microsoft Framework 1.1
    Microsoft Framework 4.0
    Microsoft Direct X SDK (August 2009)
    Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable
    Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable – x86 (9.0.30729)
    Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable – x86 (9.0.30729.17)
    Quick Time Alternative 3.2.2

    think that’s all … is it possible this error appears from Windows Update, I have update the IE8 after the reinstall.
    Look here, thats the last crash log ::

    Logged at Monday, July 12, 2010 22:51:44

    Exception Code: 0xC0000005
    Exception Addr: 0x001B:0x6970040D
    Exception Module: CoreGraphics.dll
    Exception Description: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION, Attempt to read from address 0xADEADFC1

    The memory could not be “read”

    Call Stack Trace:
    10) CGPDFXObjectGetType()
    9) CGPDFXObjectGetType()
    8) CGPDFXObjectGetType()
    7) CallComponentFunctionWithStorage()
    6) CallComponentFunctionWithStorage()
    3) RtlQueryEnvironmentVariable()
    2) RtlTryEnterCriticalSection()
    1) RtlTryEnterCriticalSection()

  37. mnshyn says:

    If you reinstalled windows, and did not use the .reg file afterwards, and it still doesn’t work, then the .reg should not be the issue. Reinstalling brings everything back to factory Windows settings. Are you using any new hardware, or have you tried booting up without any outside peripherals (aside from your keyboard/mouse/monitor/network) to see if that makes a difference?

  38. Kay says:

    Hey bro : ))
    Just stopping by to say that have fix the mess !
    Everything comes from the shitty Ace Mega Codec Pack 6.03 that i was install before a couple a days …
    Thanx 4 ur feed and keep the groove on 8)

  39. mnshyn says:

    Great to hear it man! Thanks for the tip. I may have to put that info on an entry for people in case they have the same problem!

  40. Wim says:


  41. Michael K. says:

    This is nice and all but this led to many problems for me, I guess I shouldn’t have rushed into merging this reg file. How do I delete it?

  42. mnshyn says:

    You can’t really delete it per se, but what problems are you having due to the .reg file?

  43. Michael K. says:

    Well, some programs that are for music that I use in Pro Tools were oddly affected by it and crashed, even in Standalone. Is there an original file where I can replace with this mod? And is there really no way to just delete IE8?

  44. mnshyn says:

    I don’t have a .reg that reverses the actions. The only way you would have had one is if you had backed up your registry prior to applying the .reg file. I’ll make sure to modify this entry and let people know to do it first. If you can give me a list or one or two programs that are currently having problems after you applied the .reg file I could do some research and see what’s going on so I can let people know when they see this article.

    As far as IE8, if you’re on Windows 7 there is no way to remove IE8. You can disable it by way of Control Panel, but the registry entry that causes Pro Tools to fail would still be there. On any version of Windows prior to 7, uninstalling 8 would be sufficient.

  45. Mark says:

    I do have a problem that I just can’t seem to figure out even after doing my own reasearch. The problem is, when I launch PT and try to incorporate my Amplitube (I have all of them), PT cannot find ANY of them?! Is there a specific plug-in for PT 7.4 I need or something? Do I need to copy all of the Amplitube .dlls over to a certain file?… I know this isn’t a registry question per say, but I thought I’d post it here in case anyone had any ideas. BTW, PT finds my Ableton Live, my Reason Demo and the other Digidesign plugins but Amplitube is nowhere to be found…What’s the point of using it if I can’t even use my favorite effects on my guitar?? Thanks for the help guys…

  46. mnshyn says:

    Are your amplitube plugins DirectX, VST, or RTAS?

  47. Mark says:

    They are VST.

  48. Mark says:

    after doing some research I found this software that converts VST to RTAS: Is this my problem? Does PT only recognize RTAS? If I use this will it open Amplitube and allow me to use it inside PT?

  49. mnshyn says:

    PT doesn’t natively use VST plugins; RTAS is the Pro Tools plugin type of choice. I’m not sure about PT8, but for 7 I’m pretty sure VST compatibility only happens with third party software. FXpansion should allow you to use VSTs with PT7; I’ve never used it, so I can’t tell you know from experience. I have heard from people who have and they say it should.

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