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Project Inhaler (name pro tempore), Wind Beneath My Wings, and.. you guessed it.. Bomb Squad!

written by :: January 11th, 2010

To start off, I wanted to say that this past week was very productive in getting this Bomb Squad project finished with Cocoa, DiMpLeZ and ADM all supplying their much needed vocals.  This means that only Harmony Speaks, Destiny Soprano (re-recording) and I are the last ones left.  Hopefully, this week will be just as productive.

Some interesting tidbits about the ADM recording; ADM voice-acts pretty well, and I’m guessing this has to do with some of the work he has done on radio and his video/movie classes.   As he put it:

“This sounds like an episode of 24.” – ADM

That should give you some insight on the song. =]

On to Project Inhaler.  Project Inhaler is the project that ADM and I will be working on.  It is geared to be a Prodigy style song, so pretty close to Drum-N-Bass.  We originally thought it would be classified as Jungle until we re-evaluated the speed of the beats and realized that it was WAY too slow to be jungle.  We were able to clock “Breathe” (The Prodigy song) in at about 127bpm, whereas Jungle is typically in the upper 100’s, upwards of 150bpm, I believe, if not faster.

Based on the research ADM had done, he found that a handful of producers suggested using breakbeat templates on the FPC in FL Studio to create the breakbeat needed for this type of project.  Some suggested layering the breakbeats as well.

We were lazy though, so after going through the kicks and changing each sample to a more suitable kick drum from stock, we nixed that process and decided to make our own breakbeat using regular sequencing methods.

A welcome addition here is the use of the Glitch plugin.  Boy Gnyus and Brian Bullion both suggested Glitch (or something similar) to me as it was the same plugin that Timbaland used in his songs to do his mid-bar reverse effects (Listen to ending of Jay-Z – Dirt Off Your Shoulder, and The Game – Put You In The Game for reference).  ADM suggested we try it after he had downloaded it a few days prior, and so we downloaded it and put it into use.  We haven’t gotten the total benefit of using it yet, though we used the Gater and Crusher in different parts of the break as well as the rhythm synth we used and the results were very gritty and we’re definitely looking to extend the use of the plugin.  For you producers out there, you can find Glitch here.

For anyone who is familiar with the song “Breathe” or other songs from Prodigy (more notably, the Fat of the Land album), then you know vocals are involved.  We are looking to have K-Maculate drop some vocals on this one, and I will try to as well.  I felt the British accents of both the people in “Breathe” helped that track, so I don’t know if our voices will make the cut.  We always make do with what we have though, and I’m sure we can figure something out to make it nice and greezy.

We employed Sylenth (or was it Vanguard?  I’ll have to re-open the project) as the ryhthm synth; using a distorted guitar type of synth preset.  Coupled with Glitch, it came out pretty juicy.  We don’t plan for this song to be too melodic as we want it to have that really aggressive feel.  The song does have a nice sounding base (foundation or low octave?  see what I did there? lol) in B minor, and we won’t be using too many notes to keep the aggressive tone.

With that foundation, we finished this phase of work on the project with some next steps being outlined:

– Map out the song arrangement, and what to break each section with
– Gather ideas for lead synths or instruments.  “Breathe” used a non-descript plucking of something as well as some guitar usage; both clean and distorted
– Come up with an actual name for the song
– Bring K in for some vocal input

I’m actually starting to wonder now what Harmony Speaks would sound like on something like this.  Maybe for a 1 or 2 bar break?  It would serve as part of the separation of sequences in the song.  I’ll run that through with ADM and see what he says.

I’ve also re-commenced work on Destiny Soprano’s “Wind Beneath My Wings” cover.  I’ve gone through two different iterations of it and through both I haven’t been comfortable.  I do feel however with the addition of the acoustic drumset in the studio, it may open some things up.  I’m thinking of now giving it a more rock feel in the recording (low to almost dry reverb with more guitars compared to the rich reverb-filled original with synths/keyboarding), and maybe some R&B elements in the arrangement.

Exciting time in the MsP world.  Keep checking in for more updates!


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14 Responses to “Project Inhaler (name pro tempore), Wind Beneath My Wings, and.. you guessed it.. Bomb Squad!”

  1. adam p. says:

    1. Bomb Squad – sounds excellent – and not just b/c I talk smack on it… The closer the track nears the end, you actually feel your adrenaline rush especially during the spoken part b/c it really does sound like clips from an action movie where “shit is about to hit the fan.”
    2. Project Inhaler (or is it InhalOr?) – We actually use both Vanguard for the staccato lead and Scylenth1 for the looping rhythm (which actually also has a minimal bassline feel).
    3. Glitch is an excellent plug-in if NOT overused. We have so far not overused it and only put it in key parts of our 8-bar loop – we gave it seasoning and a bit of flavor without masking the taste.
    4. As far as the whole Prodigy-jungle-DnB connection, our song is actually Prodigy meat and tempo, jungle beat, and a DnB synth-line feel. It is the perfect mixture.
    I am VERY happy we’re doing the Prodigy-type track b/c it’s a step away from what either of us does, it has a much harder and darker feel than anything either of us has done and it’s a nice technical challenge that can only strengthen our knowledge and skills.
    5. We also need some sort of distorted pad – NON-chord – which we will LFO (subtly) and include some high-pitched sweeps and “noise” whooshes.
    6. Vocals – I’m open to any and all suggestions and I don’t really care who talks/sings (male/female) as long as they can “grunge” their voice, scream, and not have beef w/ any odd lines. We all know that this kind of music might have some strange phrases… Nothing stupid or corny, just different… K would be perfect. Harmony would be perfect too – it could be almost like a K vs. HS – similar to collab’d club trance tracks w/ melodies we’d do it with vocals…

  2. mnshyn says:

    1. lol@inhalOr.. yea man.. the dialogue ties everything together.. exciting
    2. That is true. I couldn’t remember which was which, and the project’s at home.
    3. I’m thinking that we may be able to use the stop and reverse effects maybe on the breaks. Other than that, i totally agree.
    4. Thanks for that clarification, and I’m excited about this project as well. Definitely a chance to challenge our skills.
    5. Sampletank maybe?
    6. We will definitely dirty up the vocals… they gotta sound audible but distorted and aggressive.

    Sounds good to me brosef

  3. Andrew Pelt says:

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  4. gnyus says:

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  5. simon says:

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  6. mnshyn says:

    @gnyus: will look into grossbeat. thanx for the suggestion brosef

    @simon: facebook fan pages, myspace, twitter; any kind of social network should get you some followers when you give them updates, along with registering posts that would be helpful to others in sites like digg. I’d also make sure that Google can search your site properly so that varied content can make it into people’s relevant search results. Sign up for analytics and webmaster tools (both from google) to give you some insight as to what’s bringing in traffic and how you can bring in more.

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