Information on Phone Tap Series by MsP

Information on The Model 31 Project by MsP

strip club


Model 31 Project

For Day 111, we use some of the ambient hipster r&b characteristics and mix them with some less recent elements. This one has a Drake feel.

Full Moon

Model 31 Project

This is more of a Step-Up dance battle-ish pop-lock beat for Day 100.

Private Room

Model 31 Project

A variation on the Cali bay area sound on this Model 31 Day 42 beat.

Pole Position

Model 31 Project

For this Model 31 Day 30 beat, takes the bay area sound and goes a little harder with it.

All Natural

Model 31 Project

This one is going for a more ethnic sound, a touch of Africa, with a little Near East Asia. Reminds me how Indian-regional music was making a splash in the early 2000's on this Model 31 Day 17 beat.

Golden Gate

Model 31 Project

For Model 31 Day 8, I went to the bay area and came up with this strip club style banger.
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