Information on Phone Tap Series by MsP

Information on The Model 31 Project by MsP


It Will Pass

Model 31 Project

Going ambient again, but not as sensual, for Day 105, with a touch of the trap sound.

Beneath Me

Model 31 Project

Continuing with the ambient feel, Day 103 again brings us to the bedroom.

Open Up

Model 31 Project

For Model 31 Day 50, we went the Drake route, where it could be singing or rapping.

Looking Back

Model 31 Project

Model 31's Day 5 beat has a feel like Day 4's Storyteller beat, but calmer, and slightly more r&bish.

Please Love Me Too

An R&B'ish type track that can be either sung or rapped, and as the hook and other samples imply, is about love and locking it down.
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