Information on Phone Tap Series by MsP

Information on The Model 31 Project by MsP


Glass Jaw

Model 31 Project

A mix of styles here, going with a sample but in the trap format on Day 112.

Just Facts

Model 31 Project

Taking it back to New York on Day 95.

And Above

Model 31 Project

This one has a chillingly cold hook saying "It's Over." Your job on Day 88 is to make it so.

Bright Orange Strut

Model 31 Project

Classic New York on Day 87. Let's hear what you got.

Caddy Hop

Model 31 Project

This sampled beauty keeps the storytelling going on Day 75. Maybe a problem with a significant other. Or perhaps two significant others?

Venom Blade

Model 31 Project

Model 31 Day 36. 36 Chambers? Wu-Tang?

The Essence

Model 31 Project

I had to go back to New York for this Model 31 Day 13 beat. Getting back to my sampling roots from some chops I made a while back.
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