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Information on The Model 31 Project by MsP



Model 31 Project

One word for Day 101. Trap.


Model 31 Project

It's Day 92, and we're trapping hard.

Fly Private

Model 31 Project

This one has a bit of a Rick Ross rich feel to it. Day 85 has you throwing that bread around.

That Work

Model 31 Project

This is a fun one. For day 84, we go real contemporary, something 2 Chainz would spit on.

Banana Clips

Model 31 Project

For Model 31 Day 52, we're looking to go hard using the trap tempo but avoiding 808's.

Erik Lehnsherr

Model 31 Project

This Model 31 Day 27 beat goes hard. This has a touch of dance battle, and a touch of aggressive partying.

Bobby Drake

Model 31 Project

For week 4, I wanted to try to mess around with tremolo sounds. Model 31 Beat 22 starts the week trend with a tremolo guitar.


This has the feel of high class, first class, luxurious living.
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