Information on Phone Tap Series by MsP

Information on The Model 31 Project by MsP


Are You Down

Model 31 Project

My favorite for Week 8, this sampled beat just allows you to go off, and the hook kills it on this Model 31 Day 55 beat.

Venom Blade

Model 31 Project

Model 31 Day 36. 36 Chambers? Wu-Tang?

Simple Technique

Model 31 Project

First beat of the Model 31 Project. As the title states, very simple, old school sampling, New York'ish.

Van Gogh

A sampled beat, not too fast, perfect to burn a hole through with a verse.

Just on Fire

The sample is from a Delfonics song, and I was aiming for something RZA/Just Blaze/Kanye.

Full Metal Rapper

This beat goes hard, with tough drums and orchestra strings that give energy.
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