Information on Phone Tap Series by MsP

Information on The Model 31 Project by MsP


Pen Ultimatum

Model 31 Project

For Day 115, you can tell a story. The beat is very contemplative, and you need to fill in the holes.

All Hail

Model 31 Project

Day 109 is on the ambient vibe, and we mess with the drums a little for the hook.


Model 31 Project

For Day 108, we continue with the ambiance, and play around with some melody patterns in the hook.

Fork in the Road

Model 31 Project

Day 106 carries a contemplative mood and tone on the organ, with a NY mid 90's drum pattern for easy rhyming.

It Will Pass

Model 31 Project

Going ambient again, but not as sensual, for Day 105, with a touch of the trap sound.

Beneath Me

Model 31 Project

Continuing with the ambient feel, Day 103 again brings us to the bedroom.

Not a Problem

Model 31 Project

For day 99, we continue experimenting with the ambient Weeknd'ish sound.


Model 31 Project

After going old school the past two days, we head back to contemporary styles on Day 97. Using more ambient sounds akin to the sounds of Drake and the Weeknd.


Model 31 Project

Let's listen to a love story on Day 82.
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