Information on Phone Tap Series by MsP

Information on The Model 31 Project by MsP

Dirty South

Full Moon

Model 31 Project

This is more of a Step-Up dance battle-ish pop-lock beat for Day 100.

Face Meets Elbow

Model 31 Project

Heading back to the trap on Day 76, although the synth feels like Lil Jon circa 2004.

Avtomat Kalashnikov

Model 31 Project

Back on that hardcore feel, Model 31 Day 47 brings us South.

Snake Eyes

Model 31 Project

For this Model 31 Day 14 beat, I brought it down south for a trap-ish sound.

Double Blitz

Model 31 Project

This one has a touch of South, and a little bit of Polow da Don in there for this Model 31, Day 2 beat.
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